coincheck hack

30 Japanese People Involved in 2018 Coincheck Hack?

In January 2018, a cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck had faced a hack in which 30 Japanese people allegedly involved in hack reportedly.

coincheck hack

The news had reported by Cointelegraph on January 21, 2021. According to the report, Investigators reportedly identified the suspects by tracking down the account of the following cryptocurrency exchange which used to launder the funds.

The exciting thing is, this was the largest hack in a cryptocurrency exchange with stole more than $534 million worth of NEM. According to Nikkei Asia, Japanese authorities have arrested 30 people who allegedly involved in the case.

After, Coincheck’s computer system was compromised in the January 2018 hack. Nikkei Asia further reports, The hacked NEM was then offered on the dark web at a 15% discount in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

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