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A Bad New Year for Ripple’s XRP. Here’s why.

Some bad things going on with XRP. In response to the lawsuit action on Ripple as I mentioned in the previous article, major exchanges are begun to suspend and remove XRP from their market pairs, and some even suspended depositing XRP.

Including larger exchanges like Coinbase and Bittrex are about to suspend trading XRP on their markets.

As for Coinbase, they planned to suspend trading XRP on January 19, 2021. In further notice they mentioned in a blog post, trading will move into limit only starting December 28 and will be fully suspended on January 19.

The trading suspension on Coinbase won’t affect XRP holders which means they still can deposit and withdraw XRP even after suspension occur.

“We will continue to monitor legal developments related to XRP and update our customers as more information becomes available.”


For Bittrex, they are on their way to remove all the trading pairs on Bittrex from January 15, 2021. Here’s the official notice from Bittrex. The following markets will be removed.


However, Bittrex says customers still have access to the XRP wallet even after the markets are removed. This seems a bad new year for XRP. Resulting 10% price drop within 24 hours.

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