a security breach at indian cryptocurrency exchange, buyucoin

A Security Breach at Indian Crypto Exchange

An Indian cryptocurrency exchange named “BuyUCoin” has been breached by a team of hackers. “ShinyHunters” the hackers are well known for hacking into websites and selling stolen user databases.


According to Bleeping Computer, The BuyUCoin archive has leaked by the hacking group this week includes three different data dumps allegedly of the exchange’s MongoDB database.

Initially, the breach compromised the personal data of more than 325,000 users on BuyUCoin reportedly. But Bleeping Computer shows from the report, that the leak may only contain 161,487 users’ data.

However, the leaked database containing following data,

Phone numbers,
Email addresses,
Tax identification numbers and Bank account details

While this warm hanging around the internet, BuyUCoin has released an official statement about the situation and guidelines for users. The exchange claims, all the users’ portfolios are safe and 95% of user’s funds are in cold storage mentioning that those funds are not accessible to any server breach.

By the way, Where is the balance of 5% might store?

However, BuyUCoin left a list of recommended security options every user must follow in the report.

1. Strong Password and Account OTP Verification.

2. Google 2FA Authentication

3. Trading Pin

4. Also, as an extra step every transaction requires an OTP from your email.

On January 21, 2021, A cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia posted an image on Twitter containing the leaked data.

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