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Best Bitcoin Wallets For Android [Top 5 Wallets]

Securing your cryptocurrencies is really important. Various types of existing today. Such as Hardware wallets, Software wallets, Web wallets, Paper wallets, etc. But today I’m going to share with you Top 5 Best Bitcoin Wallets For Android.

A bitcoin wallet on an android smartphone is really useful.

It’s like your wallet is on your hand. I mean it’s not actually that kind. But it’s easy to access and make transactions. How cool?

Let me show you the TOP 5 best bitcoin wallets for Android. I will summarise each of them with their transaction fees and other important facts.

And also, I will link some Reddit reviews as well.


Electrum was created by Thomas Voegtlin in 2011. This wallet is available for both Android and desktop users. Also, this is a free bitcoin wallet which can be downloaded from

electrum bitcoin wallet for android

Electrum’s main aim the speed with low resource usage. You know that when choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, we prioritize the security. So the wallet is. I suppose.

So what about the security of the Electrum wallet?

The developers say your seed words and private keys are encrypted using AES-256-CBC. If you don’t know these terms, please read my recent articles. I will link them at the bottom.

What about the fees?

Well, it’s about 0.002BTC of sending fee. But you can customize your fees by going to Tools -> Preferences -> Fees tab -> Edit fees manually. However, it has no deposit fee.

Which cryptocurrencies can I store in Electrum?

Currently, It only supports Bitcoin which is a disadvantage comparing to other wallets in my point of view.

In fact, the Electrum wallet does support Segwit. But you need to create the wallet in a different type of method. Check out this post.

Finally, It is one of the oldest bitcoin wallets and I would say it is secure enough. Check out the Reddit reviews too.

Read the full review:


Trust wallet is also a popular wallet among cryptocurrency holders. This wallet even not limited only to bitcoin. Trust wallet supports various cryptocurrencies. I will show you.

trust bitcoin wallet for android

The wallet can download from

This trust wallet not too old as Electrum. It’s created in 2018 by a famous cryptocurrency exchange called “Binance” this is now the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance.

Also, this wallet available for both iOS and Android. And it supports Segwit.

What about security?

Wallet developers mentioned that the private keys only stored locally and protected with many layers of security. This is the same method that Electrum uses. Personally, I would recommend this type of security. But as a disadvantage, there’s no 2-factor authentication.

What about the fees of the Trust Wallet?

There are no usage fees. Trust Wallet is free to use service. But, there are transaction fees on the ethereum network. These fees charged by blockchain. Not the wallet itself.

Which cryptocurrencies supported?

The major advantage of using the Trust wallet is supporting various cryptocurrencies. At first, the Trust wallet only supported Ethereum ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. But now, Here’s the supported coin list

trust wallet support coins

I also recommend Trust Wallet. It acts exactly as in the name “Trust”

Complete Trust Wallet review:

Here are some Reddit user reviews.


It’s also one of the oldest bitcoin wallets available. It was released in 2013. At first, it’s limited only to android. But now, it’s available on iOS too.

mycelium bitcoin wallet

It can download from

Also, this wallet has a higher rating on google play store which is a good point that people getting in trust with a wallet. This wallet also supports Segwit.

However, Is Mycelium safe to use?

I would say yes. But there’s only PIN protection when opening the wallet. Besides, It has no 2-factor authentication either. However, it does support hardware wallets. And have a 12-word seed option that can use for wallet restore if needed (when you have to change your phone).

Then, the fees?

Same as Trust Wallet. There are no service charges. But including transaction fees charged by blockchain.

What kind of cryptocurrencies can I store in Mycelium?

It only supports Bitcoin currently. Also, they have big plans for the near future and will begin supporting other cryptocurrencies soon.

In fact, I do prefer the Mycelium wallet. But the biggest weak point is this wallet is specified only to Bitcoin.

Have a look at these Reddit reviews too.

Read the full review:


More popular as a beginner-friendly wallet with high-level security. And also this can be easily set-up. With its design and features many more bitcoin enthusiasts attracted to the Bread Wallet.

bread bitcoin wallet for android

Bread Wallet is fully decentralized that directly connect to the blockchain.

However, this wallet is only available on Android and iOS platforms. Bread wallet designed by Bread Company in 2015. And it’s completely free to download and use. This company has something special that most of the other wallet issuers don’t have. They launched a native cryptocurrency called “BRD

Download Bread Wallet:

Security of the Bread Wallet

Like I mentioned at the beginning, this wallet has high-level security. Within years of experiments and growth of technology.

However, this wallet also doesn’t support 2-factor authentication. But, my personal opinion is armored with 2-factor authentication on a wallet, the security of that wallet could get the highest point.

Rather, this wallet supports fingerprint and facial recognition which is another factor that most wallets don’t have.

Which are supported coins?

At present, It supports

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC
  • Bread Token
  • Dai
  • ERC20
  • Ethereum
  • TrueUSD

Read the full review:


Guarda is available in PC, Mobile, Web and as a chrome extension. Established in 2017. Previously the developers created about 10 products. Most of them are wallets.

GUARDA bitcoin wallet for android

Download Guarda:

This wallet supports 47 cryptocurrencies. See the list.

Also, this is a user-friendly wallet so people can easily access wallet on every platform.

As a weird thing, This wallet came up in iOS with the branding name “Guarda” But, when it comes to android the branding name is “Moxi”

However, Talking about the security of this wallet, the private keys are encrypted and stored in the device that the wallet installed. Besides, this wallet also supports fingerprint and facial recognition security systems.

In addition, this is also free to use wallet and this means includes only transaction fees that charge from the blockchain.

Read the full review:

Bottom Line

Finally, I recommend you do own research when selecting a wallet to store your coins. Otherwise, you may end up get pished or scammed. My job is to provide information details for you.

Then, all the above-listed wallets are achieved customer satisfaction. So I chose to share them with you. With customer reviews.

It’s my personal preference for the best bitcoin wallets for Android.

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