bitcoin is now more worthy than gold

Bitcoin is More Worthy than a 20-Ounce Gold Bar

As Bitcoin price topped $40,000, Now a single Bitcoin is worth more than a 20-ounce gold bar.

According to, gold is currently trading at $1912 per oz. So a 20-ounce bar price would be $38,240‬ where Bitcoin’s price a little higher. However, Industry observers often call Bitcoin “Digital Gold”.

There is something massive going on with Bitcoin’s price. It is surging massive increases within a few hours. According to, Bitcoin is now at $39,901.

I don’t see there is no slowing down on Bitcoin price. Over the past few hours, the Bitcoin price surged $40,000 which is an amazing milestone for Bitcoin.

By the way, Did you know that now you can also buy a Tesla electric car by spending a single Bitcoin?

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