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Bitcoin is Now One Step Ahead of Facebook

While this Bitcoin bull run, some interesting things also happen. This time, Bitcoin has surpassed Facebook, the largest social media platform by market capitalization.

As Bitcoin reaching above $40,000, the Bitcoin market cap is now around $761 Billion while overtaking Facebook’s market cap which is about $752.4 Billion.

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Bitcoin’s market cap is calculated by the number of coins in the market. It is also known as the circulation supply. It is so exciting to hear that Bitcoin is more valuable than Facebook.

Also, Bitcoin has risen up the ranks of the world’s most valuable currencies. Bitcoin has overtaken the Russian ruble and the Thai baht. Now it is one step below the Swiss franc.

However, in the current situation (January 9th, 2021) Bitcoin is sitting between the largest electric car manufacturer Tesla and Facebook. It is $43.8 Billion below Tesla’s market cap.

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