blockchain based passports

Blockchain-Based Passports with COVID-19 Status

With including COVID-19 status and vaccination status, The international air transport association is going to release a digital passport. Packed with individual’s health information. The interesting fact is, it is blockchain-based.

blockchain based passports with covid status

What if the airport agents can identify individual passengers with their health information? Especially in a pandemic situation like this, tracking the COVID-19 situation of each passenger is really really helpful to limit spreading across countries.

As a solution, The International Air Transport Association is working on a blockchain-based digital passport that can store individual’s health information specially COVID-19 testing and vaccination status. How great isn’t it?

International air transport association says the health passport will be stored in a passenger’s smart device as an application. According to international news, this digital passport real-world testing expected to take place in February 2021.

The application would also help with the pandemic as a two-way communication method that will broadcast information to relevant governments, vaccination centers, and airports.

The way this system uses Blockchain, I think this digital passport would be pretty accurate and instant. Alan Murray Hayden, head of the airport, passenger, and security products at International air transport association mentioned,

“This is the beauty of the technology we’re using; it puts the passenger in complete control of their data. There’s no central database and nobody can hack it. The passenger owns their data and they share it with the airline. It’s so powerful and it’s probably one of the first-ever examples of blockchain technology being implemented in a way that benefits people.”

According to Cointelegraph, four major airlines have signed up for the project. Singapore Airlines and British airways plan to initiate real-world tests in February. Etihad and Emirates will forecast the launch on April 2021.

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