Brave Browser Review In 2021 [Brave Rewards]

You may have already know what is Brave and what is its purpose. Those who don’t know, Brave is a regular cryptocurrency like others. It’s running on Ethereum Blockchain. But the thing is Brave has a unique project vision. Here’s the brave browser review.

So what is brave? Simply, Brave is an advertising platform that connects advertisers with publishers. Like Google Adsense and other advertising platforms. But there’s a difference.

So, What is it?

That’s where the Brave Browser comes in which I’m going to share with you today. In simple, while you surfing the internet with Brave Browser you can view privacy-respecting ads by Brave.

And you know what? You can earn BAT tokens by viewing those ads. It’s like an airdrop. And also you can support content creators you love! Want to know how?

Let bring things up.

Brave Company

BAT or in other words, “Basic Attention Token” is a cryptocurrency project that organized with a mission of advertising as I said earlier. So the Brave rewards are built on the Basic Attention Token.

brave company

They do what actually appears in the token name. “Attention”. Means, Your attention is valuable. And that’s how you earn BAT token by viewing brave ads.

These ads on Brave Browser, Doesn’t even disrupt you. That’s a good point actually. Because you know some websites you visit, are full of ads so you’re getting disturbed.

With Brave Browser, we call it “the next level of internet surfing”.

However, there are three main methods where you can earn extra money with BAT.

  • Brave Rewards For Content Creators
  • Creator Referral Promo
  • By Viewing Ads On Brave Browser

I recently covered how to earn with Brave Rewards for content creators and creator referral promo. Make sure to check that out too if you’re a content creator.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the third method which is “By Viewing Ads On Brave Browser”

Here How It Works

Simple, You install the Brave Browser and Setup the browser-based wallet and that’s it!

Each and every time you view a brave ad, you will get 70% of ad revenue that brave get from advertisers. And that is for your attention. Besides, brave doing this advertising program in a professional way.

That means, you never get disrupted by ads. Even the regular ads that exist on the content you read. The brave browser blocking all the existing ads by default.

In fact, Only brave ads display separately from the content you read or watch. See, This is the next generation of web surfing.

Most importantly, You can control every aspect of Brave Ads.

However, you can contribute the tokens you earn, to the content creators you love. It is called “Auto-Contribute”.

Learn more here

How Do I Get Started?

First, you need to download the Brave Browser.

Once you download and installed, Open the brave browser and follow the tour on the welcome screen.

brave browser

Here you can import bookmarks and settings from the previous browser you used.
In the last step, Click on enable Rewards.


Now click “YES I’M READY”. Your wallet should start creating. Note that this wallet is powered by Uphold. Your wallet needs to be verified in order to withdraw your tokens. Click on verify and complete the wallet process.

brave wallet
wallet rewards

Fill with your exact same details that appear in your Identity card/Driving license. This will help you to get verified without any trouble.

Now, You’re all set. Make sure enabled “Ads” on the left side of the Brave Rewards dashboard.

Note: Brave ads are currently available in most countries. They are working on expanding support to more regions in the future.

Supported countries list.

support countries brave ads

Features Of Brave Browser


This is all about the content creators you love. Basically, the Brave browser recognizes your attention to the content sites you visit. And showing them with an Attention percentage.

What this section does is, automatically support the sites you visit according to your attention by sending BAT tokens from your local browser-based wallet.

Either you can manage payments or cancel it. However, this contribution happens once a month.


In here, you can directly support the content creators you love. If the site you visit verified with Brave Rewards, you can directly send them BAT tokens from your earnings. This is called “Tipping”

For example when you looking over a content that verified in Brave Rewards,

brave tipping


Brave Browser is the platform that running ads on the brave network. A brave can view ads and earn 70% of ad revenue. Without even disruptions.

With the 3 combinations of Advertiser, Publisher, and User, Brave built a perfect advertising platform, unlike others. However, there are more opportunities for the publisher also known as the content creator.

Now it’s your time…

Do you earn with Brave Browser? What do you think of supporting content creators while viewing ads?

Share this Brave Browser Review if you learn something valuable. And leave your thoughts below!

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