brave browser users increased by 130%

Brave Browser Users Increased in A Considerable Amount

Brave Browser is a product from BAT (Basic Attention Token) is an advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers via their own Token named “BAT”. Brave Browser is a privacy-preserving web browser based on Chromium which is the same software base that Google Chrome and Microsoft EDGE built on.

The interesting news is,

Brave Browser’s monthly users increased 130% by this year. This reveals 20.5 million active users from last month. There were only 8.7 million active users at the same time last year. And daily active users went from around 3 million to 7 million.

 brave browser users increased

Here’s the role of Brave Browser. It rewards users who use Brave Browser and viewing Brave ads using BAT tokens. This means people can earn with Brave Browser.

In fact, Brave also blocks existing ads on websites to maximize the browsing experience. Since it’s on the chromium engine, Google chrome’s extensions are also supported on Brave Browser.

Also, there’s a considerable amount of increment in Brave publishers too.

brave content creators.

Want to learn more about Brave Browser? Check out this guide: Brave Rewards For Content Creators. How To Earn BAT?

Analysis reports show the verified BAT content creators has been increased from 300,000 creators to 1 million creators for today.

First up, download and install your Brave Browser from here. Also if you have a website, youtube channel, twitter, or anything listed above, make sure to register and verify as a BAT content creator. That will allow users to show up BAT ads on your property when they visit there with Brave Browser.

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