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Brave Rewards For Content Creators. How To Earn BAT?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a normal cryptocurrency running on the Ethereum Blockchain. Basically, BAT is a digital advertising program that connects advertisers and publishers. Like Google Adsense. But this is a completely different type. In this article, You will learn how exactly earn BAT from brave rewards for content creators.

Before getting started, Who are content creators?

Generally, If someone giving valuable content for people for free, He/She is a content creator. For another example, Me! Just saying.

Content creators, creating content on various platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Websites, etc. With BAT, there’s a chance to make extra money from your content. Awesome right?

Here is the ultimate guide who are looking for BAT rewards for content creators. Wait! This platform is not limited to the content creators. Everyone can earn BAT.

Let me show you everything step by step.

Here’s The Basic

As I mentioned earlier, Brave (BAT) connects advertisers with publishers. But there’s a difference from other advertising platforms.

Which means Brave connects these two parties with their very own brave browser. Brave only shows ads through their Brave browser. And this browser available on all platforms including Android and iOS.

As a content creator, If you add your website/youtube channel or any platform you’re creating content to brave rewards for creators, you will generate BAT tokens if your readers visit your content with the brave browser.

Understand? Awesome right? Besides, Brave shares you (the content creator) 70% of ad revenue! Interested?

As a content creator, How do I get started?

  1. Create an account of Brave Rewards – Creators
  2. Claim your properties (platforms you create contents)
  3. Create and verify Uphold wallet to receive BAT tokens

And that’s it! Not let’s dive into the step by step process.

Creating An Account Of Brave Rewards For Creators

Simply go to this link and signup with your email. After verifying your email and that’s it. With a single account, you can claim multiple properties at once. Single account multiple earning ways. I’m already loving this platform.

create brave account

Also, there’s a two-factor authentication method to increase the security of your account. Make sure to set up that too.

Claiming Your Properties

Once you’re successfully in, You can find Add Channel at the bottom of the dashboard. Tap on that.

brave rewards dashboard

There are 7 different platforms supports currently. You can add them individually. The best part is the revenue generated from channels you added shows individually. So you can take action to improve your revenue.

add channels to brave

With a few steps, you can add your channels. I’m not going to guide how to add channels. If you want that guide too, Let me know in the comment section below.

Make sure to turn on “Allow Brave to serve ads on my website” if you adding your website.

And that’s all it. Let’s get to the Uphold wallet creating process.

Creating and Verifying Uphold Wallet

On the left side of your Brave Reward dashboard, you can see connect to Uphold. Click on that. Sign up for Uphold.

connect uphold

Important: Sign up on Uphold with your legit details such as name and birth date and other details. For the name, Use the same exact that appears in your Identity card/Driving license. Otherwise, you won’t be able to verify your Uphold wallet. No verification means no chance for withdrawals.

Okay, Once you have done. set up verification on the Uphold wallet. To to that, simply follow this guideline.

After that, a dialogue box should appear on your brave rewards dashboard.

preferred currency

You need to select preferred cryptocurrency to receive earnings. Please note that currency choices other than BAT, Uphold will charge an exchange fee upon deposit. Check fees.

So I do recommend choosing BAT to receive earnings. Now click on Confirm.

Make sure that your Uphold wallet is connected properly.

wallet status

Now you are all set! You will generate earnings when your readers visit your content resources through Brave Browser. Awesome!

Earn With Creator Referral Promo

Here is another opportunity for content creators. Referral Promo. This means you will receive a unique URL. If somebody downloads and install Brave Browser through your referral URL, and proceeds to use the Browser for 30 days, You will receive BAT tokens.

referral promo

But, the earning per referral changes from country to country. See this list.
If you target audience in the USA. You could earn a lot.

referral countries

Are you downloading the Brave Browser? Here’s my referral if you want to proceed:

Just asking, Is there any advertising platform with this amount of earning opportunities? Let me know.

Let’s Summerize

BAT or in other words, Basic Attention Token is an advertising platform which connects advertisers and publishers through their own browser called “Brave Browser”

There are many earning methods with BAT token as follows

  • Brave Rewards for content creators
  • Creator referral promo
  • By using Brave Browser

Want to know how to earn BAT with Brave Browser?

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