Coinmarketcap Review [Elements of Coinmarketcap]

What is Coinmarketcap?

Coinmarketcap is a huge website that contains all the legit cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2013. Since now, I would say Coinmarketcap is the best among.

Here’s my review of the Coinmarkertcap.

Elements of Coinmarketcap

  • Market Capitalizations
  • Exchanges Section
  • Rankings
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • Blog
  • Advertising Platform
  • Jobs

Market Capitalizations

This is where the name “Coinmarketcap” comes from. I recently explained Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations on here

In this section, you can refer all the coins with their market cap rankings.


Market Cap: Circulating Supply into the price of the coin. Please refer here

Volume (24h): Total amount gained within 24hours

Circulating Supply: Total coins available in markets

Change (24h): Percentage of change in price within 24hours

Price Graph (7d): A simple graph which shows how price acts with time. (within a week)

Exchanges Section

Coinmarketcap also has a section for exchanges.


Here you can see the list of exchanges organized as higher trade volume.

Volume (24h, 7d, 30d): Total trade volume gained as mentioned periods.

No. Markets: Total trading pairs the exchange has. (EX: BTC/ETH, BTC/XRP)

Change (24h): Volume of trade change within 24hours.

Vol. Graph (7d): Volume change within 7days described as a graph.

Note: There are 3 categories when getting into the exchanges section. Which is Top 100 by adjusted volume, Top 100 by reported volume and by Liquidity.)


In this section, You can access the rankings of that we discussed above and Cryptocurrency daily volume, Monthly volume, Trends that showing you gainers and losers and exchanges stuff, etc.

See the image below.



Coinmarketcap offering some useful tools like,

  • Currency Converter
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • Global Charts etc

Even they offering Site Widgets that can be used for web developments.



Here are some useful resources to improve your cryptocurrency knowledge. This worths a lot.



Coinmarketcap has Its own blog. Be sure to check that out too.


Advertising Platform

Amazing. Coinmarketcap is handling an advertising program. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who has a company or something finding a way to promote it.

Have a look.


Say what?

Yes. Coinmarketcap is allowing to post jobs.


You also can signup for Job alerts.

Check it out

That’s it for today’s post, leave your ideas below.

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