bitpay adds support for apple pay

Cryptocurrency Payment Provider BitPay is Now Supporting Apple Pay

BitPay, one of the best cryptocurrency payments providers is now available on Apple Pay. Apple users now are able to make purchases in stores and online using the cryptocurrencies held in their BitPay wallets.

BitPay is a company that making global solutions using blockchain technology. It enables users to pay directly with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies as well. And even users can turn cryptocurrencies into Dollars and spend with the company released Mastercard. All of these functionalities are available on the official BitPay app.

bit pay mastercard

However, currently, this feature is limited to U.S based customers. U.S cardholders of BitPay prepaid MasterCard can now add their card to Apple Wallet. And make all purchases that Apple pay supports.

In addition, an announcement on Businesswire shows users who are waiting on delivery of their plastic card can still add their virtual BitPay card to Apple Wallet via the official BitPay app and can start spending immediately.

And they mentioned they will add support for Samsung pay and Google pay, later this quarter.

This is how cryptocurrency mass adoption happens. But still, investors and blockchain experts don’t see cryptocurrencies as a 100% replacement for payment solutions. That’s why stable cryptocurrencies such as USDC, GUSD, PAX, BUSD, and USDT came into action to make the perfect match for fiat currencies. Companies like BitPay made their own way of making payments with cryptocurrencies which a good thing for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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