Why Cryptocurrency Holding Matters [HODL Cryptocurrency]

Cryptocurrency holding or in other words Hodl cryptocurrency. What is it? Is it worth? Let’s find out. End of this I post, I will share some valuable examples of cryptocurrency holding.

What is cryptocurrency holding?

It is investing in cryptocurrency and holding them without selling for a long time. 1 – 10 years maybe.

Unlike trading, When you hold, you do some research and buy cryptocurrency and securely store it. In a cryptocurrency wallet. But,

Why should you do that instead of trading?

Let me show you. Back in time, where cryptocurrencies have started, No many people care about cryptocurrency.


Because no one believes in cryptocurrency. Besides, they didn’t even trust internet-based things and most importantly financial products like these cryptocurrencies.

In that situation, Cryptocurrencies had no demand, Allowing them to stay at cheap prices.

Check out for a second.

This is Bitcoin’s price back in 2010. Can you imagine how underrated coin this is back in time?

Currently bitcoin pricing around 7000$. Check out the price graph of bitcoin from the above link.

So what I’m about to say, If you bought 100$ worth bitcoin in 2010, You will immediately get 1666 bitcoins. And now, After 10 years, it worths around 11,666,666 in USD.

Say what?

Yes, it is. That is the nature of these cryptocurrencies.

I need to say that cryptocurrency holding is the best method in my opinion.

But, It’s not always worthy. Before choosing a coin to hold for a long time. All you need to do is research. Your money, You’re responsible.

I recently posted an article including cryptocurrency researching methods. Make sure to check that out. (it’s a trading tips post. But it includes some key factors).

This post also helpful from Investopedia.

Let’s find out a few awesome opportunities we both missed except bitcoin. Do a little math assuming if you invested 50$ of each of these.



Price in 2015 September: 0.76 $

Highest price: 1,432.88 $ (Jan/2018)

Current price: 145.6 $

Current increasement: 19,057.8 %



Price in 2013 August: 0.0044 $

Highest price: 3.84 $ (Jan/2018)

Current price: 0.21 $

Current increasement: 4672.73 %



Price in 2014 February: 0.34 $

Highest price: 1,642.22 $ (Dec/2017)

Current price: 51.15 $

Current increasement: 14,944.12 %



Price in 2015 September: 0.000035 $

Highest price: 0.111708 $ (Jan/2018)

Current price: 0.001499 $

Current increasement: 4182.86 %



Price in 2013 March: 3.31 $

Highest price: 375.29 $ (Dec/2017)

Current price: 44.79 $

Current increasement: 1253.17 %

These are some of them. 95% of all legit cryptocurrencies had act like this.

Now you know the importance of cryptocurrency holding. But these are the opportunities that we missed.

Tip: A ton of chances like these, Available now and will available in the future. Don’t miss them out. Again!

Have you learned something new today?

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