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Cryptocurrency Hardware Mining Definitions

Hardware mining, In addition, using computer processing power to mine cryptocurrency, what is it? Or is it worth it?

Firstly, Hardware mining is a bit competitive these days.


Back in years of bitcoin started, No one believes in cryptocurrency even no much community. In that case, bitcoin had a cheap price and mining is easy as hell. Because the competition is super low.

In that fact, cryptocurrency miners are not too much in the past days.

But now, even a single cryptocurrency network has millions of miners worldwide.

What is this mining? Cryptocurrency mining is when you involve in the cryptocurrency network to manage its transactions by solving mathematical equations, you become a cryptocurrency miner.

You will get a reward with coins for managing these transactions.

And that is the simplest explanation about “what is mining”. I offer you these articles for further facts about cryptocurrency mining.

Now let’s get into the main topic.

I already said that hardware mining is using computer processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. So what are those hardware?

There are two in general which is the CPU and GPU

CPU Mining

CPU(Central processing unit) is one of the major cryptocurrency mining hardware and it is the main processor of a computer. (most commonly used “processor”) using the computer processor to mine cryptocurrency is CPU mining.

cryptocurrency mining hardware

In my point of view, Mining cryptocurrency with CPU is possible for everyone who has a computer.

But it’s not that easy. Why?

It’s not always profitable with every cryptocurrency. Even all cryptocurrencies cannot be mined with CPU processing power except some of them can mine with CPU.

However, I recommend cryptocurrency hardware mining because there are no investment risks.

What coins can you start mining with CPU?

Here’s an important fact,

Try to avoid mining with Laptops.


A processor gets extreme heat when it is doing hard works. Similar conditions as mining. Your laptop processor might damage. So I do not recommend start mining with your laptop.

Profitability of CPU Mining

It depends on your CPU power and the cryptocurrency you are mining. In these days, If you choose to mine bitcoin with your PC. it’s not profitable until you get an extremely powerful PC.

GPU Mining

What GPU?

“Graphics Processing Unit” This is the hardware that involves every visual effect in a PC. Using this graphics processing unit to mine cryptocurrency is “GPU mining”

cryptocurrency mining hardware

This is the most popular mining method. That even mining farms using GPUs.


GPU processing power is much faster than the CPU. See this article to find out why GPUs are powerful than CPUs.

Cloud miners also using GPUs to sell their service over the internet.

The cost of GPU mining is a bit high compared to the CPU mining. Because of the expensiveness of GPUs.

But it is profitable. As always it takes some time to break-even.

Profitability of GPU Mining

Like CPU mining, the profitability of GPU mining depends on the power of the GPU and no. of GPU’s you are using.

What are the best GPUs to mine cryptocurrency?

In fact, You need better cooling if you mine with GPU. And you have to consider the power consumption.

If you using high-end GPUs like GTX 2080, 2080ti, you will get better results for mining. Like I said, It’s taking time to break-even. Patience.

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