Difference Between Trade And Investment

Making profits in cryptocurrency. It is the base thing in this cryptocurrency industry. Whether you’re going to trade or invest. In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about the difference between trade and investment.

This Isn’t going to be too long.

I should say, this is not important to everyone. But, be educated about trade and investment is a good idea.

Here is a thing. When you’re spending money on cryptocurrency, Then you have to consider these both things.

Okay, let’s figure things up.

What is Trade

Seeking profits from cryptocurrency in a short period of time called Trade. (I mention “cryptocurrency”. but it’s the basic term of trade). In a short period of time means a day or few hours.


Trade is a little bit risky and it depends on your skill. Yes. You have to be well educated if you’re into trade. Otherwise, you’ll lose your funds and that’s 95% sure.

Some key factors have to be considered when Trade. Learning candlestick patterns, 24hour volume, Technical analysis, News are some of them.

If you want to check out cryptocurrency trading tips, refer here

Candlesticks pattern on a cryptocurrency

I repeat. you will lose your funds if you’re not educated enough about what is trade and what are the key factors about trade.

What is Investment

An Investment, Is when you spending money on cryptocurrency with the hope of earning profit after a long period of time. maybe after a few months or years.

This is my recommended method for beginners.


Because, In this cryptocurrency industry, Have many more potential in gaining price within the long term.

I should say cryptocurrency holding(also known as “hodl“) is an alternative term of investment.

You can find better examples for the quote I said “This is my recommended method for beginners” over the web.

Simply go to the coinmarketcap (what is this?) bitcoin chart. Go all the way to the back in years of bitcoin start. Check the price and compare it to the current price. Amazed?

This is similar to all the coins in the cryptocurrency market.

Okay, I explained about trade and investment and also their stories you must know.

Now I would like to hear from you.

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