How To Earn Cryptocurrency? [Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment]

In today’s post, I’m going to show you Cryptocurrency earning methods and how can you access those. There are a few ways to earn cryptocurrency. Let’s jump into the topics that I’m going to talk about today.

Before get started, This is the simplest guide to you who are looking to earn cryptocurrency and having no money to invest in them.

Let’s get started.

Here are the methods.

  1. ICO Airdrops
  2. ICO Bounties
  3. Cryptocurrency Mining
  4. Free Bitcoin Faucets
  5. ICO Affiliate Programs

These are the most popular ways of earning free cryptocurrency.

1) ICO Airdrops

A free coin offering from a newly started cryptocurrency project (ICO) called Airdrop. Basically, A few amount of coins giving away to who successfully completed their simple tasks.

How can you achieve these airdrops?

Simple, You just need to fill a google form that the project provided, Do a social share if they wanted that too, You’re good to go.

Some airdrops, The offering project needs you to have a bitcointalk account.

Because, they need you to comment on their airdrop thread to verify the participation.

Bitcointalk is a massive cryptocurrency community forum having a lot of cryptocurrency experts.

What do you need to participate in an airdrop?

  • Google account
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account
  • Bitcointalk account or any social media account they wanted to participate
  • Ethereum wallet created from myetherwallet (How to create myetherwallet?)
  • Telegram account

How can you find airdrops?

Airdropalert.com is listing newly started ICO airdrops. Or you can sign up on Telegram to find fresh airdrops.

This is a google submission forum of an airdrop.

airdrop submission

tip: researching the airdrop referring project worth your time.


Airdrops are the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency don’t miss them out.

2) ICO Bounties

Just like Airdrops. But, The progress of an ICO bounty is way more taking the time.

Besides, You need to do the social media promoting like on the airdrops for an amount of time.

Maybe a month or 2. Even a year.

The fact is, You can earn much more than airdrops.

You need the same requirements as when you doing an airdrop. But, If you own a higher amount of followers/friends on social media platforms, the program owners pay you more for the tasks

Here is a bounty program on bitcointalk

bitcointalk bounty campaign

For the week ending, You must post your weekly promoting progress on their bounty thread on bitcointalk.org

For example,

bitcointalk bounty campaign

Doing bounties in the right way could change your future.

Important: Both Airdrops and Bounties pay you with tokens to your ethereum wallet. You can send them to an exchange as soon as they listed on them. Check out my exchange post for more.

3) Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is so complicated. In simple words, Cryptocurrency mining represents as when you involve in the blockchain platform to continue it’s algorithm, You’ll be rewarded with newly mined cryptocurrency during the process.

I’m not going to talk about this topic too much.

Because, Cryptocurrency mining is not beginner-friendly.

Besides, 90% of cryptocurrency mining platforms need money to start.

In fact, there are main 3 methods of cryptocurrency mining.

  • Cloud mining
  • Hardware mining
  • Software mining
hardware  mining
Hardware mining

All these 3 methods require some funds. But, there are few cryptocurrencies can be mined free using their own software.

For example, You can start mining ETN (Electroneum) by using their mobile application.

4) Free Bitcoin Faucets

Here is the fun part. You can get free cryptocurrency from some websites.

How cool is that?

Head over to freebitco.in. Signup and just it. There’s a small game allowing to play hourly. If you’re lucky enough, You can get up to 0.02BTC.

Also, you can earn free Dodge coins from here. freedoge.co.in

Both websites trusted and they will not fool you.


5) ICO Affiliate Programs

These programs come with ICOs. The necessity of these programs the same as the Airdrops and Bounties.

They give you a referral link after you log in. In order to earn coins, You have to share that referral link among people.

For example,

20 coins per successful registration and email verification via your referral link

5% of their ICO Purchase will be funded to your account.

This is how an affiliate program works in basic terms.

What do you think?

Have you tried one of the above?

I’d like to know your ideas.

Comment below.

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