ebang the mining machine manufacturer to start mining bitcoins

Ebang, the Mining Machine Manufacturer to Start BTC Self-Mining

Famous mining hardware manufacturer Ebang announced it will start mining bitcoins using its own mining hardware assembled machines.

China-based Nasdaq-listed the following company is a blockchain technology firm with the strength of ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chip design capability. It is now a leading bitcoin mining machine producer in the global market as well.

On February 17, 2021, the company held a board meeting to discuss the plans and the bitcoin mining business. According to the discussion, the Ebang company plans to operate their bitcoin mining business by a combination of machines developed by other mining machine manufacturers and Ebang it-self manufactured.

However, the company also expects to invest in data center constructions to provide maximum support for ongoing bitcoin mining activities.

Chairman and CEO of Ebang International Holdings Inc., Mr. Don Hu added,

“With the development of Bitcoin mining business, the Company will not only just continue to position itself as a Bitcoin mining machine producer. This move will increase our revenue in the cryptocurrency business and optimize our product offering structure. We believe it will help the Company’s transformation from a hardware manufacturer to a blockchain company with comprehensive involvements in its industry chain.”

In addition, The mining hardware manufacturing company also announced in December 2020 to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform by April 2021.

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