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Etherscan Review [Ethereum Blockchain Explorer]

Etherscan is also known as ethereum blockchain explorer is a blockchain explorer which especially built for ethereum. Here is my etherscan review.

I guess you already know how blockchain technology works. If not, check out this article.

But, Ethereum’s blockchain is more advanced than bitcoin’s blockchain. I could explain the difference between these two coins if you wanted to.


Etherscan is a large platform that contains many more capabilities.

How can you actually use this?

Let’s discuss the contents one-by-one.

1) The Blockchain Explorer

This is the main thing on the etherscan. And the only reason why people come into etherscan.

To inspect their wallet.

Etherscan allows you to search by wallet address, transaction hashes, blocks, etc.


Here you can simply search by a wallet public address and see info. Like, Ethereum value, Tokens info, etc.

Besides, you can access the blockchain section on the tab located at the top of the page and see every listed information.

Transaction hashes, Pending transactions, Block info, etc.


2) Tokens

In this section, You can track ERC-20, ERC-721 tokens and their transfers which recently completed.

Wait, What is ERC-20, ERC-721 Tokens mean?

These are the tokens compatible to exist on the ethereum main network.

eth tokens

Have a look at the tokens

3) Resources

I like this program so much. Every website must include some resources to improve ideas. Etherscan is also presenting useful resources to visitors. Such as Exchanges, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), News, Charts and stats.

Head over to the etherscan resources.


There are many more sections in etherscan.

4) Advertising Program

Etherscan is also having an advertising program like coinmarketcap. (I already posted about coinmarketcap. You can check that out from here.)

You have to contact etherscan developers in order to advertise.

Refer here.

However, Etherscan is a very useful website when you doing airdrop/bounties. To check tokens.

Okay, I think I explained much in this etherscan review. It’s time for you to comment your opinions below.

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