google finance adds crypto data to the markets

Google Finance Adds Cryptocurrency Data to The List

Google Finance, Google’s one of the subdomains maintaining by Google, added a new tab dedicating “crypto”. Google Finance provides a real-time price index, historical data for limited cryptocurrencies.

When you go to the Google Finance website, the top of the window includes “crypto” among the other five default markets which are U.S, Europe, Asia, and Currencies.

google finance

But currently, the tool is limited to cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, and Bitcoin Cash. The tool also includes news for each cryptocurrency.

This makes a good step forward to the whole cryptocurrency industry. While the bull market is on fire, this news could make sense at some point. Especially for Bitcoin and Ethereum. People who used to follow Google Finance for default markets will start to see cryptocurrencies. That’s a good point.

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