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Google Trends Reveals a New Record for ”Ethereum” Searches

Google trends reveal that google searches for the word “Ethereum” hit a new all-time high this year.

Google trends are showing interest in various search queries that had been searched on Google search engine. The interesting thing is we can also use Google trends to look up trends for an exact search query at any time period.

So if we look at trends for the word “Ethereum” over the past 5 years, here’s what you expect on Google trends.

google trends ethereum

As we can see, the previous all-time high was in 2017 to 2018 when was Ethereum price peaked at the previous bull run. In that time range, A single Ethereum was around $1275.

For today, (January 8, 2021) Ethereum price is around $1253. But the Trend for searches is already overtaken.

Let’s compair the search terms “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum” side by side.

ethereum and bitcoin

In the current situation, the number of searches ratio between Bitcoin and Ethereum is around 5:1. But the trend for Bitcoin seems lower than the previous hype. Let me know what you think of this Google trends report.

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