How To Create and Handle MyEtherWallet? [Ethereum Wallet]

You got Ethereum?

Finding a secure wallet to store them?

Then this is the post for you.

There are a lot of Ethereum wallets. But finding the perfect wallet is a little bit tricky. Securely storing ETH is always a good thing.

Besides, When you doing airdrops and bounties, A secure ethereum wallet is a must to store your tokens, coins, etc. In this case, myetherwallet is the best recommendation among others.


Because myetherwallet has the best security if you use it well.

In this post, I’m going to guide step by step how to create a myetherwallet and how to use it securely.

Creating The Ethereum Wallet

Go to myetherwallet.

Important: When you search google for myetherwallet, Check the URL ” “, And make sure that Connection is secure.


Tap on Create A New Wallet.


This is so important. You better read all the guides for better understanding. I recommend you to read all of them.


Here you have three options to create a new wallet. You can download MEWconnect mobile app and create the wallet through the app. This is the best and default recommended method from myetherwallet.


The other two options are not recommended by myetherwallet.


It can be attacked by phishing attackers. The attackers can track your private codes during the wallet creation through this method.

Myetherwallet recommend you to use this method for offline settings

Anyway, I’ll show you these two methods.

Method #2 By Keystore File

The Keystore file is a file named like “UTC–2019-11-16T14-40-10.974Z–4a38b162896c52481c4a76a04bcb607432f3de2c”

After you entering a strong password, The Keystore file can be downloaded.


Important: Myetherwallet has no recoverable methods. So you have to write down your password and securely store your Keystore file in case of emergency

And you’re good to go.

Method #3 By Mnemonic Phrase

Like the previous method, In this method myetherwallet shows you a unique Mnemonic Phrase. You have to write it down and secure it.

A password can be added as an optional.

Mnemonic Phrase myetherwallet

Accessing The Wallet

The reason that I’m about to talk “accessing wallet”, It is so important when you’re into myetherwallet.

Because, as I said earlier, These types of wallets have a higher chance of getting attacked by phishers when you use private keys.

Here are the most secure ways to access myetherwallet.


MEWconnect: You can simply access with MEWconnect mobile app.

Hardware Wallet: Link your myetherwallet to your hardware wallets like Ledger Wallet, Trezor, etc.

Browser Extension: Metamask chrome extension is one of the best ways to access myetherwallet and it’s secure. You can link your wallet to the metamask by using the private key or Keystore file.

Software: Like earlier, This is not a recommended method. But, you can access directly to your wallet by using the Keystore file, Private key or the Mnemonic phrase.

Always use to see your wallet information.

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