ubrich is using IOTA tech to track covid test results

In Frankfurt Airport, Ubrich is Providing a Solution to Track COVID-19 with IOTA

Ubrigh GmbH is a blockchain-based cybersecurity tech provider. It has developed an IT infrastructure calls “Digital Corona Test Certificate” which can be used to track COVID-19 test results.

“Digital Corona Test Certificate” supports each and individual’s Covid status. It verifies each and every individual’s data while remaining compliant with European data protection standards under the GDPR framework.

Simply, Ubrich anchors an anonymous digital fingerprint in a blockchain. By anchoring the digital fingerprint, a person’s certified Covid status can easily be verified by the airline at the departure gate. An Unrich representer explained.

Currently, the Ubrich’s “Digital Corona Test Certificate” service is being used at the Centogene Covid-19 test center at Frankfurt airport.

The Ubrich company has confirmed that they are using the technology from IOTA.

“Among others, we use IOTA for making the Corona test results verifiable”

However, a Twitter user spread the news around the world that saying Frankfurt Airport’s corona testing center appeared to be using IOTA blockchain to manage passengers’ health statistics.

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