Kessler Collection is Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

A Luxury hotel group in the U.S named Kessler Collection is now accepting some cryptocurrencies. These payments can proceed with major cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay.

To make it easier for guests traveling globally, Kessler Collection decided to include cryptocurrency payments to the payments list. According to an announcement, guests can now use the following cryptocurrencies for payments.

Bitcoin Cash

And some stable coins too. Seriously? Why Dogecoin though? However, it’s available to proceed with the payment.

Here how it happens. For those wanting to pay with cryptocurrency, The Kessler Collection hotels will send an email invoice allowing guests to pay directly from their BitPay wallet.

BitPay actually one of the leading cryptocurrency payment processors that go with cryptocurrency mass adoption. Recently, Apple pay also added support for BitPay. Then people can now book Kessler Collection hotels through BitPay, it really helps grow the cryptocurrency industry fast.

Well, this step forward is not a tiny step. Kessler Collection group owns a number of hotels across the United States. According to a report by Coindesk, the group-owned hotels are Beaver Creek Lodge, Casa Monica Resort & Spa, Elliot Park Hotel, Grand Bohemian Hotels Asheville and Charlotte, and more.

“This move will make it easier for guests traveling globally, both in time saved from going to a local currency exchange and in money saved with a lower exchange rate,”

CFO – Kessler Collection
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