Plan B Doesn’t think Bitcoin’s Bull Market is Finished

Stock-to-flow model creator Twitter user Plan B is thinking the Bitcoin bull market is not done yet. Stock-to-flow is a model created by Plan B. It shows a number that represents, how many years will are required to achieve the current stock at the current production rate.

Later 2020, the model creator said the Bitcoin will hit $100K by December 2021. He officially left this statement on Twitter. However, he says this time, Bitcoin’s bull market is not finished yet.

But when looking into the current price of Bitcoin, it seems a major resistance on the $60K mark. It had reached its new all-time-high however. According to a report by Cointelegraph, Youtuber and derivatives trader Tone Vays mentioned Bitcoin is in consolidating but he remains bullish in this market.

He also left, Bitcoin should go $48K range but it will go up to above $70k before June, 2021. Opinion is yours. What would you think of these statements? Are those resourceful or piece of junk?

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