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Rental Accommodation for Students all Over the Globe – HOM Token

Talking about education, there are many facts and problems that can be found around students. Such as health, classroom sizes, education type, etc. But what things among them considered problems?

Here’s the thing. Education is efficient when every condition is fulfilled. To fulfill these factors, what can we do? In this article, I’m going to be talking about one of the important factors in education which is the main function of HOM Token.

Before getting into that, I would like to mention the importance of researching cryptocurrency. You know there are a lot of scams going around with ICO’s. The main purpose of researching a cryptocurrency is to determine whether its a scam or not.

Then we are going through the project details, features, road map, team, etc to take opinions on how this project could perform in the future.

So let’s get started this HOM Token review considering the above factors.

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HOM Token — What’s the Main Purpose?

HOM token is a project by HOMT Ltd., is based in the United Kingdom which focuses on rental accommodation to provide a marketplace for students in general. Such a valuable opportunity for students.

But how could they achieve this kind of project? With HOM token, they are focusing on creating a specified marketplace with properties whereby available to rent for students all over the world.

future of real estate

Think about this way. When students have to rent houses in a standard way, that could affect the study life due to the cause of non-healthy living and long term lease plans.

But what if the renting platform is cost-efficient while making it peaceful and healthy? That could help to improve the study live and that is exactly what project HOM capable of. Students are the future right? So they deserve the best.

You know finding a better place as a rental home, is not that easy. Especially for students. As long as project HOMT focuses on students, I think this could be the best opportunity for students who are looking for renting property.

Okay, now you know the main purpose of project HOMT. Now let’s go deeper.

Features of HOM Token

You know, there are dozens of cryptocurrency projects integrated into the amazing Blockchain technology. But this is the world’s first-ever real-estate cryptocurrency project integrated with Blockchain technology.

With some advanced and responsive features, HOMT platform could be the best within this industry. Let’s see what are those.


Trusted & Administrative

As long as a HOMT is administrated by major financial authorities, its always been trusted. Besides, HOMT Ltd., is a fast-growing leading property management company that focuses on international asset management.

However, international targeting isn’t that easy. In that case, the trustworthiness is a must factor. Especially in projects like property management.

Prioritize the Asset Creation

You know most cryptocurrencies these days, work as the traditional story which is for payment methods and for other related stuff. But when considering HOM token, things different.

HOM token mainly focuses on contributive in property capturing and managing as well. This will result in a more efficient way of acquiring new properties.

Transparency of Data

Talking about data transactions, it could happen between two parties also known as peer to peer. Not limited to data on the HOMT ecosystem, all the transaction activities deployed on a transparent blockchain network.

That will result in a more trusted way of a transaction while it is being transparent and auditable. Pretty awesome feature.

Utility Services Management

In this process, every HOM token holders are applicable to receive points by an allocation method of other utility services by also availing from HOMT company’s third-party dealer points.

And again the transparency transaction system is also applied to this process in which all of the transactions of various activities are monitored and audited by third parties and other auditors. Making sure all the transactions are transparent.

Inclusive for Every Investor

There are a number of limitations when you go through the traditional venture capital industry. Everybody knows that. Investors who are having lower capital are not able to invest in those. Even in the traditional global real estate market.

HOMT offers a different solution for investors which is opening conditions for lower investment opportunities within its business model.


Since the HOM token is already being traded in exchanges, HOMT company enables an exchange of the real-estate assets. It’s making users liquidate, faster access, and exchange through HOM Token. And it can also be used for the P2P exchange.

Well next, see how HOMT performs their solutions against problems relating to student’s rental accommodation.

HOMT Solutions Against Problems Regarding Student’s Rental Accommodation & Assets

  • When making deals, finding a renting house, or making deals on real-estate, there are two parties that are the same thing that causes trust issues. But with HOMT, all the transactions are made within a transparent transaction network with blockchain technology resulting in a higher trust.
  • It’s not a secret that everybody cannot be able to invest in properties but only high-class investors. This platform offers a different solution for that. Enables different levels of investors to invest with HOMT token.
  • All of the transactions have transparency issues. Even with a platform like HOMT. But it completely differentiates from the amazing blockchain technology which makes all the transactions transparent and auditable.
  • There is always the third guy in every kind of deal. Most of them. HOMT removes the term “Third Party” by making transactions go through smart contracts.
  • You know it’s a very impulsive situation where students need to rent a house because they need to keep the focus on education. In HOMT, it’s not an issue anymore. It offers a one-stop application that enables students to easily submit and rent accommodation.
  • Talking about currencies, all of them have a relative value but it’s not intrinsic. Such as traditional cryptocurrencies and tokens. This could easily result in market inflation if the management team does not take action. We have on the other hand HOMT solves this issue by maintaining an intrinsic value derived from the company-owned real estate properties and its operations.
  • There are many liquidity issues in real-estate businesses. But HOMT limits and enhances the liquidity by enabling exchange through cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

Is HOMT Worth Your Investment? Let’s Find Out.

Finding the best cryptocurrency to invest, is not that easy. The best way to figure it out is by going through token features. In relation to HOMT, here’s what I found.

Transaction Fees

Every crypto enthusiasts know that some cryptocurrency’s transaction fees are way higher than usual such as Bitcoin transaction fees. Even in other global payment methods.

Not with HOMT token, it offers a cheaper transaction process with the smart contracts + more trust. A coin with a cheaper transaction fee is one of the main things people look at.

Decentralization Network

Most of the other companies these days using Centralized systems that control by a central authority. All in one. This could heavily impact the system’s security compared to decentralized networks which are hard to reach and hack.


It is a must thing that a cryptocurrency could be exchanged somewhere. In that case, HOMT token has fulfilled this factor by enabling exchange with USD, EURO, and Pound.

Not only with fiat currencies. It can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies as well. Such as BTC, ETH, USDT.

A quick reminder: HOMT token is already available to exchange in ProBit cryptocurrency exchange.

Way Better Transactions

As long as you have an ERC20 support wallet, You are good to go. Sending and receiving HOMT token is simple. It can be a hardware wallet, software wallet, web wallet, or any kind of wallet that supports ERC20 based tokens.


You know every company especially in asset management companies like HOMT, becomes a bit busy when maintaining works. In that case, continuous management is critical to ensure everything works perfectly.

HOMT business model is programmed to handle any number of operations at a certain time while the marketplace is loaded up with traffic.

Project Roadmap

First of all, What is a roadmap? A roadmap of a cryptocurrency project shows their future plans with details. This allows users to predict the project’s future at some point of view. Here how it goes in HOMT.

project roadmap

Token Distribution

Shows how HOMT tokens are being distributed through each section.

token distribution


For the final words, HOMT is one of the best and unique cryptocurrency project with amazing concept and features. Its main aim is to provide rental accommodations to students who need them. And keep the education clean.

HOMT acquiring these properties from all over the world to provide the best for students. However, as a project of real-estate management, I hope the HOMT token will have more success stories than other traditional cryptocurrencies.

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