Snoop Dogg Became Snoop Doge. Then this Happened

Famous American rapper Snoop Dogg shared a Dogecoin related meme saying “Snopp Dogg” on Twitter and the Dogecoin hit its all-time high on the other end.

The meme was posted on Sunday, February 8, 2021, and the price of the Dogecoin surged more than 50% on the same date. It was trading around $0.056 at the beginning of the day and marked its all-time high as $0.084 in the afternoon.

Most of you know there are other Dogecoin boosters like Snoop Dogg. Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX or in other words, the richest man in the world, used to tweet mems and statements about Dogecoin which leads the coin to a massive bull run.

He is the DOGE booster in chief I would say. However, the Kiss rock star Gene Simmons also joined to the Doge boosting crew by also tweeting regarding Dogecoin.

After Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons’s tweets, Elon Musk re-edited his Lion King meme which was himself rising Dogecoin to the sky to himself holding up Simmons holding up Snoop Dogg holding up Dogecoin. This is funny!

Those Tweets ended up in a new record to the meme-based cryptocurrency, Dogecoin. According to the largest cryptocurrency data index Coinmarketcap, the Dogecoin is at the 10th position by crypto market cap at the time of writing.

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