pornhub adds 4 more crypto to its payment options

Pornhub Adds 4 New Cryptocurrencies to its Payment Options

Reportedly, Adult entertainment website Pornhub adds four new cryptocurrencies to its payment options which are XRP, BNB, USDC, and DOGE. According to a report by The Block, Pornhub has removed the support of privacy-oriented coins Dash and PumaPay tokens, which was supported as of mid-December 2021. However, Pornhub now supports a total 16 of cryptocurrencies. But, Pornhub […]

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brave browser intergrates ipfs support to desktop version

Brave Browser Introduces IPFS Support to Desktop Version

Basic Attention Token present Brave Browser, a well-known blockchain-based internet browser has introduced IPFS support to its desktop versions. Including macOS, Windows, and Linux. For those who don’t know about the Brave company, it’s an advertising platform that connects advertisers and content creators through their own network and cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token. (BAT). I wrote […]

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