blockchain based passports

Blockchain-Based Passports with COVID-19 Status

With including COVID-19 status and vaccination status, The international air transport association is going to release a digital passport. Packed with individual’s health information. The interesting fact is, it is blockchain-based. What if the airport agents can identify individual passengers with their health information? Especially in a pandemic situation like this, tracking the COVID-19 situation […]

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ubrich is using IOTA tech to track covid test results

In Frankfurt Airport, Ubrich is Providing a Solution to Track COVID-19 with IOTA

Ubrigh GmbH is a blockchain-based cybersecurity tech provider. It has developed an IT infrastructure calls “Digital Corona Test Certificate” which can be used to track COVID-19 test results. “Digital Corona Test Certificate” supports each and individual’s Covid status. It verifies each and every individual’s data while remaining compliant with European data protection standards under the […]

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