“Companies Must Disclose Cryptocurrency Assets” Government of India

Indian government’s cryptocurrency regulations become tighter and tighter. This time, the Ministry of corporate affairs shared a new rule including, companies that have traded or invested in cryptocurrency and digital currency are required to detail financial statements. In February 2021, the Indian government put a complete ban on using cryptocurrencies and gave a transition period […]

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ebang the mining machine manufacturer to start mining bitcoins

Ebang, the Mining Machine Manufacturer to Start BTC Self-Mining

Famous mining hardware manufacturer Ebang announced it will start mining bitcoins using its own mining hardware assembled machines. China-based Nasdaq-listed the following company is a blockchain technology firm with the strength of ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chip design capability. It is now a leading bitcoin mining machine producer in the global market as well. On […]

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huobi now supports for russian ruble

Houbi Global Now Supports for Russian Ruble

Huobi the major global cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced that it now supports Russian ruble deposits and withdrawals while partnered with fiat and crypto payment processor AdvCash. AdvCash also collaborated with other major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. Basically, it is a fiat and cryptocurrency payment processor. Not only this collaboration, but Huobi global had also […]

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