“Blockchain with Cryptocurrencies will Challenge Existing Finance” Nigeria VP

The vice president of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo spoke positively and broke down the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain at an economic summit on Friday, January 26, 2021. The Vice President’s statement officially uploaded on Youtube. It includes there’s no question that blockchain technology genarally, and cryptocurrencies in particular will in the coming years, challenge traditional […]

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decentralized and centralized

Centralized and Decentralized Terms In Cryptocurrency

Centralization and Decentralization are everywhere in this cryptocurrency industry. In this post, I will share what is centralized and decentralized terms and differences between them. Why you should get to know about these two? Honestly, these two terms are the nature of cryptocurrency I would say. Besides, Cryptocurrencies have these two different categories. It’s not […]

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