Kessler Collection is Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

A Luxury hotel group in the U.S named Kessler Collection is now accepting some cryptocurrencies. These payments can proceed with major cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay. To make it easier for guests traveling globally, Kessler Collection decided to include cryptocurrency payments to the payments list. According to an announcement, guests can now use the following cryptocurrencies […]

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blockchain based passports

Blockchain-Based Passports with COVID-19 Status

With including COVID-19 status and vaccination status, The international air transport association is going to release a digital passport. Packed with individual’s health information. The interesting fact is, it is blockchain-based. What if the airport agents can identify individual passengers with their health information? Especially in a pandemic situation like this, tracking the COVID-19 situation […]

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ubrich is using IOTA tech to track covid test results

In Frankfurt Airport, Ubrich is Providing a Solution to Track COVID-19 with IOTA

Ubrigh GmbH is a blockchain-based cybersecurity tech provider. It has developed an IT infrastructure calls “Digital Corona Test Certificate” which can be used to track COVID-19 test results. “Digital Corona Test Certificate” supports each and individual’s Covid status. It verifies each and every individual’s data while remaining compliant with European data protection standards under the […]

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