the national bank of Kyrgyz republic is to introduce licensing for crypto exchanges

The Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan to License for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic is on the move to introduce a licensing platform to cryptocurrency exchanges. But with also providing a safer investing environment.

The Chairman of the Central Bank or the NBKR officially mentioned these in a live broadcast of Birinchi radio. According to his statement, If you want to buy bitcoin, just go to the exchange office and pay money there and it’s done. The bitcoins are guaranteed to be received.

He mentioned the name “Guarantee” twice. So as I can understand, this is more of a safe and guaranteed way of buying bitcoin. But he mentioned the safeness of selling bitcoins through the platform as well.

“Today you sell some – you buy dollars – if the exchange office has a license from the NBKR – there is no danger of losing money. There is a desire to do the same for cryptocurrencies,”

You know, the term “Cryptocurrency Investing” is embedded with risk. However, the Chairman of NBKR also left warnings about the risks of cryptocurrency investing.

He added,

“If Bitcoin hit $50,000 yesterday, it could drop to $20,000 tomorrow. And then all your invested money will be burned,” 

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