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In today’s article, I chose one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to review. Tron TRX it is. The reason for that I mentioned “most popular”, It is a fast-growing cryptocurrency.

Tron trx

That’s because their project is simply incredible. Previously, Tron TRX used ethereum based blockchain (ERC-20 Based). But now it has its own blockchain called MainNet. They have burnt the previous ethereum based tokens.

Here is a thing, Tron was released in 2018 with its own blockchain. It has a huge supply of 66billion in circulation and 99billion in total. With that amount, Tron hit an all-time best of 0.3$ as soon as they released their own blockchain.

Make sense?

Remember, It’s some kind of a newly released fresh coin. So as a new coin, and with a huge supply, it already hit 0.3$. It’s about 18 billion $ market cap.

That kind of increment means its different from other cryptocurrencies that made a unique market characteristic. We are going to find out why and do simple research about how good to invest Tron TRX these days.

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What Is Tron TRX?

Tron was founded by Justin Sun. The project was established in 2017. But the migration was 2018 from “Ethereum based” to “MainNet based”.

The real story, TRX is a project by Tron Foundation. TRX is also known as TRONIX which connects the entire decentralized Tron ecosystem.

Tron has established in two headquarters in the Americas and Asia pacific.

As a feature, TRX can handle 2000 transactions per second. Even it is higher than Ripple’s TPS which is 1500. you know that a higher amount of TPS means the speeder the network is.

Tron wallet is one of the products of the TRON foundation. with TRON wallet, you can securely store TRX and other MainNet based tokens. This wallet is available in iOS, Android and as a WEB.

Let’s Analyse The Basic Fundamentals

These are the basics of any cryptocurrency. We can analyze them to determine investment opportunities. Researching a cryptocurrency can do in various ways.

Most importantly, Need to research the project. What are the missions? Who is the team behind? that kind of stuff needs to look at. That would help to avoid cryptocurrency scams and also giving you deep knowledge about the project.

In this article, I skip that step because TRON TRX is a legit existing cryptocurrency so we don’t need to worry about scams.

Generally, you are here to check out investment opportunities in TRON TRX. Am I right? So I decided to focus on pricing instead of project researching.

There are 3 main fundamentals that need to discuss. Price, Supply, and Market Capitalization. Beyond that following cryptocurrency news, User opinions and decisions, top-class investor actions, Global news, Financial news might help a lot for cryptocurrency researching.

Here, I cannot cumulate everything need to discuss. Why?

This is everything about the market. So, the news and other stuff changing frequently. So I will finalize the static facts. Then you can make a decision about investing.

Okay, let’s head back to the main topic.

Market Capitalization

Historical market capitalization data and current situations would help a lot for research. Currently, TRX market cap is around $1,104,593,725 USD which equals to 127,062 BTC.

tron trx market cap

This is a perfect value as a fresh coin. This is some kind of a glimpse of the project’s success.

With that amount, TRX already took the #12 position of the coinmarketcap rankings. Pretty good.

Here is an interesting fact.

in January 2018, the TRX market cap officially hit $19 Billion USD. It would be the #2 position in today’s situation.


Talking about the coin supply, Tron TRX has a slightly higher number of coins which is 99,281,283,754 TRX of the total. But the circulation at this time, 66,682,072,191 TRX. Still, 32Billion coins left to be mined.

In my personal opinion, a higher number of coins mean a slow pricing journey. But for some reason, TRX wasn’t like that. This convinces the success of TRX.

However, It’s better to hold cryptocurrencies that having a huge number of coin supply. Check out my cryptocurrency holding article for more examples.

Value Of TRX

Currently, TRX is about $0.016565 USD in January 2020. (0.00000191 BTC) This price is undervalued in my opinion. However, It’s all-time best was $0.300363 USD in 2018 January which was $19 Billion USD market cap that I mentioned above.

tron trx price
Tron price in BTC

TRX completed 3 market cycles. Now it could be the opportunity. See this chart.

All-time low as $0.001091 USD In September 2017. Actually, it was before the migration that happened in 2018.

However, TRX already had a higher value than the current value. So it could go over 0.3$ in the future.

As a Summary…

  • Tron TRX is a decentralized open-sourced blockchain-based cryptocurrency.
  • Separated into a unique blockchain. (MainNet)
  • Have high transactions per second which cause fluid transactions.
  • Having a strong developer team.
  • Very own TRON Wallet.
  • Attracted so many cryptocurrency investors within a few months.

After considering the above characteristics, I think investing in Tron TRX won’t waste money. Better call it a future plan instead of investing.

Besides, forget about trading. Even if you buy and hold TRX for a long time, that could definitely be worthy.


Places To Buy TRX

TRX being a strong cryptocurrency since it’s started. It listed many more various exchanges including the most popular high volume exchanges

I can’t even list down all of them. See this link to find all the TRX market pairs.

Tron TRX Wallets

Except for its own wallet, We can find a lot of wallets to store TRX.

Here I found an article that mentioned all the available secure wallets to store TRX.


This article is for informational and educational purposes only. Nobody can take this as a piece of investment advice or legal advice, etc. When investing “do your own research”

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