red balloon security test on its applicants

U.S Cybersecurity Firm Uses a Weird Way to Test Applicants

United States-based Cybersecurity firm named Red Balloon Security firm applicants have to complete an unusual technical interview as a part of the whole interview which is unlocking a hard drive.

U.S Cybersecurity Firm Uses a Weird Way to Test Applicants

The interesting thing is, the Hard drive contains Bitcoins. Reportedly there is 0.1337 BTC. Those who have put the application to the position of cybersecurity research have to complete the following task and get Bitcoins.

Anyone who has the skill and passion to crack the encryption the firm put on that Hard drive, they have access to claim those 0.1337 BTC. It is around $4,908.53 to the date January 19, 2021.

And applicants who have skilled enough to pass the above task, are told to purchase a ticket to New York City for the next step.

According to a report on Bussiness Insider, Red Balloon Security firm has 29 Employees currently, 6 of them joined in the last year (2020). However, Red Balloon CEO told that they sent the test interview to every applicant. But the success rate was around 1%.

He said,

“If I send out 150 to 200 pounds of hard drives [with Bitcoin], I will typically get back one human team member. It’s a worthy investment.”

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