What is An Initial Coin Offering? [ICO Resources]

An Initial Coin Offering or the most common name called “ICO” is one of the most popular topics in the cryptocurrency industry.

What is Initial Coin Offering?

And what do you need to know about it?

Let’s find out.

It is an introduction to a new coin that going to list in the cryptocurrency market.

The main goal of an Initial Coin Offering is letting people know about their vision, mission, etc and acquire more purchases on pre-sale.

In that case, The ICO project developers manage some campaigns to promote their ICO as-much-as they can. So what are these campaigns?

Affiliate programs, Bounty campaigns,

If you have an idea to invest in an ICO, You have to consider a few things about these ICOs.


I have to say because there are a lot of ICO scams going around and you must take time and research the ICO that you are going to invest. Unlike now, In past days, we only needed to research only in the project basement, their technology, etc.

But with time things got different. If you’re going to invest in an ICO these days, You must do an ICO research to avoid ICO scams. I found a perfect article about how to identify ICO scams on Investopedia.

Useful ICO Resources


Reddit is one of the largest community-based websites. It is a very useful resource to stay updated about newly started ICOs.

Head over to the reddit.com and simply search the name of the ICO that you are interested in. That search will give you thousands of results in many categories.


As you can see I searched about Digitex. That gave me a lot of threads to research on.

ICO Bench

ICO Bench is another resource to take the ideas of an ICO. It gives you some details about the ICO like Pre-sale stats, website, pre-sale prices, ICO dates, etc.

And most importantly, It gives you an ICO score.

In other words, They research for us.



It is the largest cryptocurrency community forum. In bitcointalk, You can find a ton of threads about new and top ICOs


But, There’s a catch.

In order to use bitcointalk, You need to create a bitcointalk account.

And also bitcointalk is using terms. Be sure to check them too. Here is an article I found from medium.

ICO Rating

ICO Rating is the same type of website like ICO Bench


Top ICO List

In the top ICO list, You can find new ICOs, Upcoming ICOs, Top picks, and new airdrops.


What is the best ICO resource for you?

Have you invested in ICOs?

Or have an idea to invest?

I would love to know about your experiences. Leave a comment.

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