What Is Metamask? [Setting Up Metamask]

Are you an ethereum holder? Or ERC-20 based token holder? Then you should’ve known about metamask. If not, this post will help you. Anyways welcome to both of you. So what is metamask?

Before we get into that,

I recently posted about how to set up an ethereum wallet. In that post, I mentioned safe accessing methods of myetherwallet. Metamask is one of the safest ways of accessing myetherwallet.

Beyond that, You can consider metamask as an ethereum wallet.

Generally, Metamask is a bridge that connects the ethereum network and your internet browser.

But, How?

Metamask has an officially released browser extension and that is their main product. Smart work right? Allowing you to access ethereum wallet and as-well-as send tokens or ethereum.

Let’s get into the metamask setting up process. Step-by-step.

Setting Up Metamask

First, you gonna need to go metamask.io

Then click on “Get chrome extension” (or choose the browser type of yours)

I will continue this with chrome.


It will lead you to the chrome web store.

Then click on “add to chrome” as I highlighted below.


After that, a pop up should come from chrome. Click on “Add extension” on that dialogue box.

Then you’ll see a file is downloading. After download is complete, it will automatically install the extension.


You will see this message in a new tab If the installation is completed. Now you’ll set with the extension installation.

Now get into the metamask setup. Simply click on “Get Started”

It will show you two different options like this.

If you have an existing wallet created with metamask in the past, Click on “Import Wallet”. It will need the unique “12-word seed“. Let me show you.

Click on “Create a Wallet”

Agree with the terms of the metamask.

Then create a password for your wallet.

Tip: When setting a password, I recommend you to use a strong password and it can be easily remembered.

After setting the password, It will show you the secret backup phrase. This is the 12-word seed that I mentioned above.


Here comes the important part. You need to be very careful about this 12-word seed. Why?

Because you’ll going to need this word phrase in order to access your wallet if you lose your extension in any case. So write it down and secure it. Follow the tips by metamask.

In the next step, You have to enter the seed words that you wrote.

After entering, click “Confirm”.


Now you successfully sat-up the metamask wallet. Click on “All Done”

This your wallet and you can see the public key at the details section. Also now you can access the wallet using the chrome extension located at the upper right corner of the chrome window.

You can create another wallet by the extension if you wanted to. Or you can add an existing wallet created with myetherwallet

How to add an existing wallet?

Adding an existing wallet to the metamask is really helpful because the metamask has the best accessing method to a wallet. It is safe! check out my article about myetherwallet for more info.

Click on the chrome extension. In the window, click on your wallet logo at the top right. It will show a dropdown menu like this.


Now click on “Import Account”.


Select the type. Private key or JSON file. These two terms I already explained here. Be sure to check them out.

JSON file is also known as the Keystore File.

Input your private key or Keystore file and then click “Import”.

Now you’re all set.

You can add multiple wallets by using the same method. And also you can add custom tokens to your wallet that already existing in your wallet. How to do that? (this is a guide created for myetherwallet. but the process is almost the same)

Okay, Is this helpful for you?

I would like to know your ideas and experiences below.

Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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