what is two factor authentication

What Is Two Factor Authentication? [2FA]

In today’s post, I’m going to explain what is two-factor authentication, how it works and how to set up two-factor authentication.

Before that let’s talk about the importance of the two-factor authentication.

The two-factor authentication option is available in various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.


You know that the cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets have a higher chance of being hacked.

That’s where the two-factor authentication comes in action. Now you know the point. Two-factor authentication is giving you a pro-grade security for your account.

How does it work?

Email and password are the standard method of accessing an account. Beyond that, The two-factor authentication enables you a time-based and one-time passcode algorithm to access your account.

The passcode is required whenever you log into your account. Refer to this amazing article.

Setting up two-factor authentication

For explaining this process I’m going to use hitbtc‘s two-factor authentication.

In the account, Go to the security options. You will immediately find the two-factor authentication.


You can see a QR code, some keys.

First up, You need to install google authenticator on your mobile. This application is available in both android and iOS. You also can use some alternative applications rather than google-authenticator. see here. But, I must say, google authenticator, is the best among.

After installing, in the authenticator, tap add new.

You can see two options. Scan a barcode and enter a provided key.

The barcode option is simple. Scan the provided barcode as the image above. Then google-authenticator verifies the barcode or the secure private key you entered and then showing a time-based code.

Next, you need to enter a one-time time-based code that appears in your device.

Before that,

You must write down or securely store the backup code which also provided by this process. Because, this backup code is the only access method when your mobile is unavailable. or even after you reset your mobile or got a new one.

Then enter a time-based one-time code and click confirm.

Now you’re all set.

From now, You’ll be redirected to the time-based one-time code submission after the email password login each and every time.

Having trouble? Let me know down in the comments or contact.

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